are ret pallys viable for pvp arenas?

I been dueling a lot of differ classes, my pally is a 66, and so far dks are easy, warriors are bit tougher, and this one hunter and own me in any spec although I almost got her on last duel.

im not the best and not the worst, im just able to keep my survival up at this lvl, but stil wen I reach 90 will they be viable, as this is my fav class by far
It depends on what you mean by viable. If you mean can you do decently if you play decently then yes they are viable. If you mean is it easy to beat most other classes without playing very well then no Ret is not dead last in pvp but I would say below average.

Who knows what might change by the time you get to max lvl and get some gear though so I would just suggest you play what you enjoy for now.
Personally, I get focused about 85% of the time in 2s.

I run with a Frost DK and we do pretty well for ourselves. We aren't in it for rating, but we get capped every week in about 10 or 11 runs. Both classes carry a lot of burst and DKs are pretty good at locking down healers (not as good as Cata, though), so heals/dps isn't as big of a challenge. Rets have a decent amount of support abilities, so I can stop and off-heal or throw out different Hands when needed.

Basically, if you play your class right and go with a good comp, any spec/class can be viable. Play what you enjoy. I enjoy bursting and off-healing when needed, so I play my Ret.
yah, rets are my fav, and honestly the only class that can beat me so far with seal of insight on is hunter, that's cus the got some real good kite, crappy hunters are still not a breeze to beat thogh lol, I wuld sacrifice dmg of seal of truth to stay alive longer, and if they wish to dispel sacred shield, ur right that takes some time and by then I could alrdy have 2 holy power to hit wog and heal, or bubble if to low and flash heal, so basically at my level, I find that sacred shield givesme utility in 5.2, but now, it saves me a 1k crit, cuz if th 1 crit me I only receive 300 dmg making me use les heals ofwog and allowing more dmg output, I also got glygh od Templars verdict, was that a gd way to go, making me take less dmg after using it for pvp?

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