How do I report bigoted HATE/violence speech?

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I realize that I might get harassed by saying this, so I have made a character especially to report this. I have screenshotted a player from the realm [Removed]

apparently he has a macro, that his character yells [Removed]

It takes a LOT for me to report something, but if [Removed]........ , for example, maybe he wouldn't be so quick to yell something like that. I don't know, maybe he would.

I want to report this. This is NOT ok. It's one thing to say racial slurs...I just block /ignore..but this goes beyond that to violence.

If you feel like trolling this thread and saying nasty things, just know that it's your own soul you are harming. I'm not going to be reading anything except replies from Admins.

I realize there are a lot of angry, hurting, lonely and sad people out there, and a lot of them are sitting in their houses playing WoW. but it is not necessary to drag your own soul through filth and sling hate speech. I think it's well past time that these kinds of dregs of society were tolerated on WoW.

I ask for this person to be banned. It besmirches the entire Blizzard trademark when they let these kinds of people continue to pour their hate all over the game.

I have a screenshot. just trying to find a way to post it.
1. Please edit out the name (and don't bother posting the screenshot). It is considered harassment to call out another player on the forums in such a manner.

2. Right clight on their name in your chat window and report them for language.
As Taamane mentioned, Athelas, the best way to report inappropriate language or subject matter is to use the right click report option. Right click on the offending line of chat and select Report For: Language.

That generates a report that our In-Game Support staff will be able to review. They will then take whatever actions are appropriate for those violations of our policies that are found.

Screen shots are not necessary nor can they be used in such investigations.

Note that these reports may not generate an instant result, nor will we be able to provide any information regarding another players account. When used appropriately though, appropriate action can be taken based on our policies.

I should also mention that the right click report option has the added benefit of placing that person on ignore for that play session.
you have my permission to remove this post entirely, since it has now been so censored it no longer makes any sense.
The response is NOT in support of anyone - it's simply the rules.

The major reason is, you honestly do not know if the actual account holder was in control of the account, or someone else decided to take over (for example, account holder goes to the toilet, flatmate decides to have 'fun').

The simple fact that we, as players, do not know who is sitting at the keyboard typing.

You have been given the right way to report this player.

Let Blizzard investigate.
02/14/2013 09:21 PMPosted by Athelas
I am speaking of Taamane, who appears to be some kind of forum cop

Welcome to the player assist player forum.

Taamane was simply advising you correctly that you were breaking the forum rules, and also provided you the correct way to report the player.
02/14/2013 09:21 PMPosted by Athelas
To speak of murder goes absolutely beyond harassment.

If you think someone is in danger, call the cops, otherwise right click on their name and report them for language

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