If the Mogu had Sharingan and Mokuton....

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If Thunder Isle and Pandaria existed in the Naruto World And Emperor Lei Shen got his filthy hands on both a Senju clan user of Mokuton and a Uchiha user of the Sharingan would that universe get worse?

I say Lei Shen would use Flesh Shaping to give himself both Senju traits plus Mokuton and
Uchiha traits plus Sharingan then create two Fleshshaped Mogu Clans one with Uchiha traits plus Sharingan and the other with Senju traits plus Mokuton.

I also think Lei Shen would obtain the Mangekyō Sharingan(either by killing his closest friend deliberately or by fleshshaping it as the default form of his eyes), the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan(by stealing another Mogu's Sharingan) and Rinnegan(due to having both Senju and Uchiha traits).

Also would the Mogu clan with the Sharingan be able to obtain the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan?

Would the Mokuton weilding clans create the traditional Green leafed trees with Brown bark or would they create Golden leafed trees with White bark?

Would Emperor Sebotai the Swift steal both the cells from the Mokuton weilding Mogu clan as well as an Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan from the Sharingan weilding clanand combine them in himself to create the Rinnegan like Lei Shen before him?
I just realized that since according to the 2nd Hokage: the Sharingan is created from intense Hatred the Mogu would be just as likely to awaken the Sharingan on their own as the Uchiha if they somehow entered the Naruto universe.

I also seen indications that Hashirama got Mokuton from wherever he got his Sage Mode so Emperor Lei Shen or some other Mogu Emperor could find the same source for Mokuton the kill and flesh shape into his own being and obtain the Mokuton himself(maybe on an even higher level than Hashirama).

To obtain the Rinnegan the Mogu would still need the DNA of both the Senju(sage's body) and the Uchiha(sage's eyes).


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