[A]<Koko Krunch> 5/16H LF 1 Healer GMT+8

We are a newly reformed semi-hardcore Singapore based raiding guild in Frostmourne Alliance looking to make the best 10 man raid team for 5.2 progression.

We currently stand at 4/6 HM MSV, 1/6 HM HOF and 4/4 NM TOES, and even though we just recently reformed a week ago, we have a really solid team with 13/16 HM raid leader, and believe that we will be able to run a fast paced and efficient progression in 5.2.

We are currently recruiting 1 exceptional healer to fill our ranks as follows:
Resto Druid – High (Preferably with Boomkin OS)
Resto Shaman – High (Preferably with Elemental OS)
MW Monk – High
It would be best if you can play both MS and OS equally well.

Our raid time:
Friday, Sunday and Monday 12.30 – 3.30 am SVT (9.30 pm – 12.30 am Singapore time)

If you're interested, please PST Squirrey, Morbheus or Sachie in-game for a chat.

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