Energy starved @ 90

I'm wondering if I'm playing this class all wrong. Here's my rotation:

Prowl, Savage roar, charge into ravage, put up rake, shred, I'm at 5cbs, have no energy left, Tiger's fury, 5cb rip, berserk + incarn + nature's vigil, ravage, ferocious bite @ 5cbs, make sure rake doesnt fall, make sure savage roar doesnt fall. At this point everything is fine, but after the burst phase I find myself literally auto attacking and waiting for energy to come back so I can keep up my roar, rake and rip.

Am I doing something terribly wrong, or do feral druids have a lot of auto attack as part of their "rotation"?
your energy problem is your using incarnation.

You take big burst with bad energy regen, or you take good sustained with energy regen via sotf.
Yes incarnation is good for burst, but bad for sustained damage. Soul of the Forest is a much better option in almost all PvE situations, and will make a marked difference in your rotation.

Also, don't start in prowl. Ravage isn't good DPE, especially with no bleed on the target. You're opener should be Savage roar pre-pull > rake > shred to 5 cp > rip > shred until you need to refresh SR (usually 3-5 cps depending on crits.)

I dps on several classes, and the biggest difference between feral and the rest is the speed of my actions. Relatively the energy-pooling, timer-watching, 15 seconds-ahead-planning play style feels like you're not doing enough, so you panic and try to do more or feel like you're missing something. Feral dps gets a lot easier if you just slow your mind down, learn to love those empty GCDs.

A common mistake is to spam your abilities. Our dps revolves around our buff/debuff timers and is limited by our energy/cp resources rather than by a GCD. What this means is if you have 40 energy, it will do the same damage if you use it now or when you have 60 or 80 energy.

So don't spam your next button trying to get it off as soon as possible (except during heroism with berserk up, then mash that shred key for all your worth!) Let your energy pool for a second, keep an eye on all your timers and be aware of what you're going to need to do in the next 10-15 seconds. As long as you don't energy cap you're #1 priority is buff/debuff uptimes, your paws will take care of the rest.
What Felshifter said - if you feel energy is a problem you could swap Incarnation for Soul of the Forest, but of course you'd be less bursty.

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