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I bought all of them, the Battle Chest, Cataclysm and Pandaria. The store asked me if it was a gift, but requested an e-mail address, at that time I didn't know any e-mail address and I also didn't want to send the games yet, I wanted to wait couple of days maybe a week or two before sending them over.

Now that the games have been linked to my account how do I proceed to send them as a gift to the friend? Do they have to create a battle net account and I then send them the keys for each one of them so they can download them?
If you linked the games to your account instead of gifting them, then you will need to contact billing through the support site, request a refund, and then purchase them again and chose the "gift" option.

Remember that you can always have the gift codes sent to your own email in order to preserve them for later.

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