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Blizz, are you sure the Random Number Generator is working correclty on the sha of hate? I have gotten the eternal blossom breeches 5 times IN A ROW. IF its not broken, then whats the chances of that happenning on a RNG? Not complaining, but just wanted to ask if you would please check it out for sure. It just seems like that getting the same exact loot 5 times is crazy if its truly a RNG. I submitted a bug report also(if its truly a bug). I mean I know its possible, but seriously? I just wish I could give it to some other druids who would love to have them. Its a waste to vendor them.

Thanks in advance Blizz.
The dice have no memory.

Prior events have no bearing on future events - so unless EVERYONE is getting that particular piece of loot - exclusively, it's probably working just fine :)
Ok. I just kept thinking what are the odds?! Thanks for the response!

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