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I would like to start leveling a paladin (never played one before) and my end goal would be to heal (PvP and PvE). I assume the best leveling specs would be prot and /or ret, my question is, how difficult is it to learn to heal with a paladin once I hit 90 if I only level as ret/prot? Or is leveling as holy viable?
I've seen quite a few Paladins level as Holy.

You pretty much get instant queue through the Dungeon Finder and if you've got BoAs, that makes for really fast leveling.

Holy can kill mobs, it's just not as fast. You've got things like Denounce and you can glyph Holy Shock to reduce healing, but increase its damage. There's also a glyph called Hard Words that makes Word of Glory (heal) deal damage instead (up to the amount it would have healed for). That might be pretty good as Holy.

If you decide against leveling as Holy, it's not that hard to pick it up at 90. It's a little different because of Holy Power, but it's pretty fun and easy to get the hang of.

Good luck.
Thanks Hydro! Yep, have BoA's, maybe I'll level as holy then, that way I can get used to healing early on. Thanks again appreciate the info
Levelling as holy is decently viable. Up until Cata and Panda I always levelled as holy (vanilla, BC, wrath). I've noticed it was a little more tedious to quest in cata and panda, but you may be able to quest/level as far as Cata until you slow down in Pandaria. I think this is largely due to the spell dmg scale. As you get closer to max level and the enemies get more health your spell damage seems to shrink in comparision making it take longer to finish enemies. Also coupled with the fact that we have no AoE attacks at all (except holy prism) which, by the time you get that... you're level 90, lol.

But it's the fact that you can get fast queues as holy that also helps. But yes, levelling as holy is entirely viable. And you'll also be happy to know you will almost NEVER die while questing, even compared to ret and prot. Being able to heal and have better mana regen than the others greatly increases survivability.

If you want to level slightly quicker duel spec at 30 and quest as ret, and queue as holy for random dungeons.

Relearning to heal if you only level as ret/prot can be difficult. But it depends on you. There's nothing wrong with it, but you may be at a disadvantage compared to healers who have queued and leveled as holy. But nothing to serious if you read some forums and guides, or ask other healers for tips. I think compared to the other healers holy would be the easiest to learn at 90, especially since we don't have too many healing spells, and the ones we do don't depend on each other as much as others (i.e. shamans riptide, druids stacking HoT's, priests and there various spells stacking). Paladins are much more direct. You press your button, you heal once it's done casting. No worrying about HoT's no real spell dependency.

It'll be the actual way you heal with your utility spells and CD's that will be tougher. When to pop wings, when to cast spells to conserve mana, when to use hand of sacrifice, when to bubble, etc. But again, I think pally is one of the easier ones to jump into if you didn't level as holy and just jump in at 90.

But I do suggest either duel speccing prot/holy or ret/holy, or just levelling as holy. It will make you a better healer and you won't be overwhelmed by the spells you get at 90.
Duo spec Prot (for solo questing, and dungeons)/ Holy (group/dungeon). I tried holy for questing/solo yah ok you can't really die unless you fall a sleep... but you need ages to kill anything.

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