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Hello, I am pretty sure my payment for my 1month recurring subscription should of atleast 2 more months of game time. It ended on Feb 5. I was out of town for a bit for a meeting. Please can you at all help me find out what is going on?
^ Everything is current and i have more then enough money on my card.
subscription should of atleast _______ 2 more months of

I put a blank where you appear to be missing a verb that would make your post much clearer.

Have you opened a ticket? When you log into your account, can you see when you were last billed? Is the credit card attached to your account expired, recently changed, or do you use Paypal?
Make sure you are adding the credit card to your WoW account and not just the Payment Options. The cards on the Payment Options screen are for the online store and not your WoW sub.

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