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I'm having difficulty adding battletags in the friends list and people can't seem to add mine either. The process is the same as adding any other friend or am I mistaken?
This is the process:


How do I add a BattleTag friend in Diablo III and World of Warcraft?

To add a friend via their BattleTag manually in Diablo III, type their BattleTag and code (e.g. DemonStomper#1537) into the Send Friend Request field in the Add Friend interface. This will send the player a BattleTag friend request; if the other player accepts your request, your BattleTag will appear on each other's friend lists. You can find your BattleTag identifier code in Account Management (on the Account > Summary page) or in the Diablo III client when you view your character profile. You can also send BattleTag friend requests by right-clicking a player’s BattleTag in the Diablo III game interface.
I know this, it simply isn't working when trying to add friends in the regular manner. Is there something im missing... Social > Friends > Add friend > battletag > Player not found
02/15/2013 09:56 AMPosted by Izmodus
Is there something im missing

Parental controls can stop you.
So can errors in addons. Just to check THAT possiblity, delete your cache and wtf folders. Rename interface to interfaceold. Do not just uncheck the boxes.
its a fresh vanilla installation. No parental controls, no special options etc. The only thing I did was disable the RealID options.
I believe you need realid enabled to add someone to battlenet (but I may be wrong)
worked in DiabloIII but doesn't show in WoW... odd

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