Will fire outshine frost in 5.2? (PvP)

Nope it will not outshine frost and probably never will.
I'm taking blazing speed and ice barrier in 5.2. I'm not taking PoM because PoM pyro is going to be 25% reduced in damage. Honestly, fire doesn't need to be able to throw more pyros. Fire is going to be very strong. Frost isn't going to be much stronger... if at all.

One of the big advantages that frost had over fire was that frost could more easily take PoM and get PoM->RoF.
Now Fire can have PoM.... however, with RoF having a 2 second arming time, that's going to be a non-issue.

Also, it seems like players are doing a better job of avoiding ice orb, so I think that's going to be of reduced usefulness.

The only real weakness to fire is that that instant pyros can be dispelled.
scorch baseline allows fire to take PoM.

PoM + scorch...nuff said.

both will b viable
Fire will be a lot of fun in 5.2.

PoM + Pyro would be a waste of Talent I think. An instant-one shot pails in comparison to the mobility Blazing Speed has to offer, as they can utilize Dragon's Breath more effectively and close gaps even if they're snared.
Fire will be fun and viable.

Frost still has better control.

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