<Ascend> 6/16HM Recruiting for 25-man

Ascend (US-Illidan Horde) is recruiting for 25 man raiding. We seek players who strive to be the best at their classes. We run a very competitive raiding environment. Raiders are expected to earn their positions and should have no trouble sitting out if they are not performing at their best. We will be going into 5.2 very strong and working to progress quickly.

Progress: 6/16 Heroic

We are not only a Raiding guild but a strong community and we expect our members to take part in guild events such as challenge modes as well as getting to know each other.

Loot is distributed through Loot Council.

Actively Seeking:
Raiders who believe they would be an asset to our raid teams.

Raid spots are earned so we encourage anyone who thinks they have the talent and attitude that we expect to please apply.

Casuals are always welcome to come and be apart of our community.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Server.

Those interested in 10-mans; we host a weekend group Sat & Sun from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Server. This group also strives for quick progression.

What we expect out of our raiders:
-95% raid attendance
-Show up prepared at least 15-30 minutes before raid ready for an invite
-Bring your own flasks and potions (repairs are covered by the guild)
-Knowledge of the fights before hand
-Must have Mumble and a working mic
-Be able to take criticism objectively
-Always think of the guilds priorities over your own personal priorities
-Be adaptable during raid and have 100% awareness

If you feel that Ascend would be a good fit for you please apply


You can also contact me or one of the officers in game Futile#1555 ; Brandon#1559 ; bazingga#1902
Still looking
bump come raid with us.
How dare you bump before I bump reason!!!! Still seeking more quality raiders.
Still looking
Still looking for more
Actively Seeking:
Ele Shaman
Fury Warrior
Arcane Mage
We could use some more quality players of all types, even if you do not raid. There is always people on and we are always going something. Plenty of people to run scenarios, heroics, instant pop LFR queues, do some BGs, visit old content. You name it, we do it. We are a gaming community and welcome you to enjoy the game as you please and be a part of the guild.
Still looking for more quality members!
Still recruiting amazing raiders
Still looking
Still looking for more skilled raiders. Apply now!
exceptional players of all classes are considered. please apply at our site.
site down?

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