AV Achievment - To looters go the spoils

So this item I need drops off of NPC's in the BG but the kicker is that the loot system in AV is on group loot for a 40 man raid. I could be killing mobs the whole fight and not be able to loot one mob, hold the phone.. did I say the whole fight? I meant to say I could be killing mobs all week in AV and not be able to loot a mob under this loot system. The item is rare even if I was able to loot mobs so please fix the loot system or take it off of my Master of AV achievement.
you skin players for it, or you can loot it
While the npcs being group loot is a problem with so many people, you can actually loot players and get this item. I would suggest staying with the pack and looting everyones corpse as you lolzerg their base because most don't even seem to care about looting and more just seem to care about zerging.
You can only loot players before the release right?
So yeah if they release right away like most people do then getting the item off of players is very small chance as well.

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