Dota 2 Invite/Beta Key Giveaway

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I hope this isn't against the rules but I read all the rules and read intensely and didnt see anything that prohibited trading/giveaway.

Basically I have 18 invites (Steam items) in my inventory and Steam insists on giving me more. Recieved 6 today.

The first 18 people to comment below with their steam ids will recieve a maximum of 1. 1per person until further notice.

If you don't want to advertise your steam id for privacy preference, comment below and then send me a PM with your id.

Edit: hang on, can you even pm on the wow forums?
People can post there battletag which should be harmless to share and you can add them and then talk.
Hi, Ive really wanted to obtain a dota 2 key as early as 2 years ago i think. I registered back then and never got one T.T My email is I would be really appreciated if i can get one key so i can play this awesome game, Tyvm
Hi i have wanted a key for a while now! cablik17 is my steam my ID
Everyone I know that signed up for the beta got in. I'm surprised there was anyone actually not invited to the DOTA 2 beta that signed up for it.
Can i please get a invite, my steam ID is: Taaszor

Thanks bud
It's been 3 weeks, but if you're still sending out invites...I'm Steth...

would love to get a dota 2 key.
I highly suggest playing this game in full team stack; especially if you're new to the genre. Not only will this allow you to learn from your friends, more importantly it will help you avoid non-English speakers (communication is absolutely vital) who queue on US servers. That being said, DotA is very rewarding, but it does come with a very steep learning curve.

If you do chose to solo-queue, I suggest playing vs bots...mostly so you can learn hero spells and item builds. Bots do not behave like humans do when playing, so as soon as you think you have a good concept of the game you should queue for MM. Oh, and you should probably have a thick skin if you want to play this game.

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