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First off I am by no means claiming to be all knowledgeable about the priest class. I do however, have a decent grasp on the class as a whole. This is strictly about the healing aspects of a priest in a pve enviorment, I wont be of much help with shadow or pvp. I am currently 11/16 heroic mode. My goal is to answer questions or offer tips on bosses I have completed that others might be having a hard time healing. So, if anyone has any questions or need advice on healing certain fights then ask away. Hopefully I can help.
Levleed my mage to 90 and I don't like Arcane... Going to level my Priest and hopefully raid as holy. I haven't played WoW since Lich King, but I learn fast. Is holy still really good @ 90? I'm going to level has shadow, but heal if needed.

Any Tips? What stats I should gear for?

Is Holy good @ 90?

Blood Elf ok for Priest?
Holy is decent
Spirit > Mastery > Haste > Crit for Holy in general
Belf is the most popular choice due to racial

Shadow quest, dungeon que as Holy for quicker times.

No need to make a specific thread, just watch the forum and help out where you can. Also there's a lot of action at that can always use knowledgeable Priests helping out.

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