[A] Fifth Element (11/12) 10M LF Heals/dps OS

< Fifth Element > transferred to Stormrage for the Mists expansion. Previously on Duskwood and named "Epic Vendor", the guild has raided together since BC and is continuing to progress content in a new setting.

Raid Schedule - Tues, Wed and Thursdays, 8:15 invites until 11:30pm server time.

** Recruiting a Healer with dps OS for ToT. (no monk) ** [updated 5/2/13]

We're currently looking to round out our roster for Thone of Thunder raiding. We're also open to a committed, geared and competent player of almost any class (full on mage)

We expect our members to raid on time, without drama, and equipped with all the usual (flask/food/gear/knowlege) plus a good attitude. We wipe until we kill - as a team.

We invite you to visit our website < fifthelement.guildlaunch.com > to fill out an applicaiton. If you'd like to contact us in-game, whisper/mail ronwolf or any Fifth Element member for more info.
Still lookin' around for some cool chicks and dudes.
I had applied on the website if you are interested.
Just gonna give this a shove
Friendly bump for awesome videos :-)
02/27/2013 07:56 AMPosted by Danski
Friendly bump for awesome videos :-)

Thanks man :)
bump for Healer recruitment edit.
Lookin' for a good time?
Come and join us. You know you want it.
Ain't nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind.
499 shadow/498 disc 16/16N, 3/16H, 1/12
still looking for a raider? If so, I will fill the app on the guild website

Looking for a good DPS with a strong heals set.
main post updated Thurs 4/18
updated 5/2/13
Currently 11/12
Ah, yeah, should prob remember to edit that part too :)
Still looking for a few dames and dudes.
bump for recruitment.

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