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Leviathan Acquisitions was established at the end of a chapter for the Ravaltas; the further they dug into Azeroth's past, the darker its mysteries became. Secrets meant to be forgotten were unearthed and laid before them, and the promises and damning truths behind these finds set a course forward - to protect the world from itself, or to return these lost relics to use in the present.

Not everything is meant to be used, however, and not everything is meant to even be displayed. Some things, in truth, are better off destroyed and kept from all hands.

Yet unearthing those archaic discoveries is the greatest rush, as factions and influences move in to claim the past to forge the future. Relying on fortune, influence and contacts the world over and beyond, Sanathas and Ayandiel Ravalta founded Leviathan Acquisitions to further drive their hunger for knowledge, gold, and glory.

Recently, that hunger overcame the Lady Ravalta and spelled her doom. None are immune to the allure and the risks present in such efforts, and even the highest can fall from their lofty heights.

There is more, it would seem, to this growing organization than mere profit margins, as the likes of Sin'dorei, Shu'halo, Darkspear, Huojin, Bilgewater, Orc and Forsaken carry themselves beneath the Leviathan's colors. Some still, who bear this company's monstrous visage on their tabards and banners, look more like shadowed observers watching the world and its cities for signs, leads, and threats.

True intentions, for good or ill, are often veiled beneath the blinding shine of coins in the sun, and the clamour of shovels and picks dredging up what was once forgotten.
The OOC Gist:

Leviathan Acquisitions is an effort in building a prevailing theme with an open-door policy to our members; we have a central story that serves as a trunk and roots, and from it, whether it's the smallest twig or the biggest branch, storylines can deviate, twist and stretch out as far as they need to, and as far as they want to.

Thematically, Leviathan revolves around archaeology, and to a greater extent, treasure hunting. We do have a darker theme within the guild, though; more often than not, the organization comes across something they shouldn't have, or they find themselves at odds with rival (and possibly) evil groups looking to get their mitts on the same thing.

Not all is doom and gloom, however. Without moments of lightheartedness, camaraderie and just getting to know one another, the ominous tidings can lose a lot of their impact. Similarly, Leviathan isn't solely limited to digging things up - it may be our central theme, but there are some branches to consider.

The first is contacts; Leviathan wouldn't have half of the base that it does if the Ravaltas weren't in touch with those in the know, and in their work (their REAL work), those contacts are like limbs for the body they're trying to drive forward. We'll need ambassadors and interested parties from either side to maintain those contacts, and if one group helps us, we're going to need to help them in back.

Our guild's open policy for races stands, and it also serves as another means of making contacts - for groups that can agree with, or at least see the practicalities of working alongside us, we're open to negotiations and making events in the future. We wholeheartedly endorse people wanting to represent their race within the organization; this doesn't mean you have to play some token, two-dimensional character, but if you're interested in taking that mantle on, we would at least like your character to have good standing and ties with their respective group.

The same applies to people looking to represent one of the neutral factions/organizations within Leviathan Acquisitions.

The second is corporate rivalry. This is a delicate limb to go out on, because it involves coming to blows with another group of players, whether it's through corporate espionage or rapelling down their central office building and kicking in their windows (or hey, the same happening to us). While we are a Horde guild and want to see some representation from everybody in our faction, Leviathan's actual intentions go beyond the Red vs. Blue game.

In fact, as we're open to establishing more neutrally-minded Alliance contacts along with others in the Horde, we have the same outlook on our opposition. Whether we're fighting against the Alliance, or factions like the Twilight's Hammer, the Scourge or the Burning Legion, or simply against another company, the only thing that sets us back is how we're going to cross the language barrier if we need to, and how best to arrange the conflict.

It's a little different, but this amounts to our guild's approach to RP-PVP. Astaelyn and I will tell you now that we won't be undertaking RP-PVP interests arbitrarily just to be at odds with one person or an entire guild or faction. There will be a very relevant reason for it, and there will be some significant plot basis to doing so.

From our members to those outside of the guild, we expect civility and maturity in these interactions, and, above all else, transparency, communication, and good etiquitte with RP and OOC dealings.

The third branch, and the one that's closest to the guild's central storyline and theme, is acquisition. If you have an idea for a recent find or a lead that comes up in your own adventures, tell us about it. Artifacts don't find themselves, after all. Maybe a cave-in happened and you were there lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to find the ruins hidden away, or perhaps in some underworld dealing, word has reached you of something in the works that might get the organization's intention, for better or worse.

We only have a handful of rules and policies for this part, since otherwise you and others have a blue sky on what comes up. Don't get sad if it turns out some artifact is just beginng to get destroyed, and similarly, if you come up with something, have all of its workings sorted out. If it's a giant stone head that shoots death beams from a gap in its front teeth, tell us how. Why. Be ready to explain how things work. You might have to go digging around on Wowpedia and look back on some of the quests you done and items you've found to put together awesome, cohesive and (in a techno-magical setting such as Warcraft) logical in its function and its background.

Half the fun is making up a story for why something exists in the first place.
Recruitment and Race Policy:

Leviathan Acquisitions is a HORDE guild - even though it has a couple Sin'dorei and some of their extended family running it, it isn't based in Quel'Thalas or centered around any overtly elven interest. We won't be speaking Thalassian and forget, suddenly, that other people can't understand us. We won't be making you all dress like us and demanding you hate your own races. We wouldn't put up with that, so why should you?

We aren't going to sing Lament of the Highborne everytime someone gets a bad papercut, but our culture isn't going to be hidden either. We want you members to have the same liberties in expressing your characters through the context of their racial and cultural origins. Similarly, if you don't care or don't want to address it, that's fine too.

Considering the contacts we want to make, it would be harmful to what we want to do as a guild, and what we want to get out of our RP, if we just glossed over that stuff and denied ourselves and you a dimension of character expression and development.

As a member, we want you to explore your character through the context of this guild. Why would they work for a (mostly) neutral organization like this one? Is there any cultural bearing behind it for them? These questions and a ton more not only help to develop your character, but also our guild.

As for recruitment, we have a strict no-poaching policy; not only does this create drama, but it also reflects poorly on everybody here. It's just bad behavior, and we want no part of it. Just as well, if we talk with people that are already in a guild, it's in an effort to work with that person AND their guild for mutual plotlines, stories and hopefully friendships.

If you're a new member, we welcome you with open arms and look forward to your time with us. New people are a new opportunity, both for us and for you. We want to have a good time with it, and make some truly epic stories.

Prospective members should take the time to read over all of our information and fill out an application on our site. If we think you'd be a good fit, we'll contact you and go from there into an interview.
Rules and Regulations Part 1:

So, you've gone through the effort of reading through our recruitment and race policy, and you like what you see. Solid.

Before you continue though, there are some rules, both in and out of character, that you'll be expected to follow. There aren't many, and the ones we have are pretty self-explanatory. Just as IC and OOC matters should remain seperate for everyone's benefit, so too do our guild's rules and policies.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of some punishment for your character's actions, it isn't because we hate you or even want you gone. Unless your character did something that makes us want them gone. If you yourself have done something wrong to warrant some kind of punishment, then I'm not sure what to say. Don't act up.

OOC Rules

Respect other people
Don't let ranks, experience or anything else get to your head. On the other side of your screen, likely through a few thousand miles of wiring and telecommunication signals, there's another human being staring back. For the atmosphere we want, not only in our game experience but also in the guild, everybody gets fair treatment.

We hope you take this approach with you into the game and beyond.

We might tease or chide, but your real-life gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion, work environment and everything else should not, and will not, be used to actually criticize or insult you. If you feel that our crass antics, or someone else's, have somehow raised your hackles, tell us and we'll keep that in mind for future reference.

With that said, we ask that you come in with a thick skin or at least apathy toward that. Fair warning, we do say some pretty tawdry things here and are pretty unapologetic about it.

Green Chat
Rather, guild chat, is split into two venues. Guild Chat itself is OOC. Officer Chat is IC. For the sake of transparency, the officers, Astaelyn and myself have no private channel or venue. If something comes up, or if something needs to be discussed, we will do so openly.

Guild Bank
Yes we do have a guild bank. No, not everybody can access all of its features. While guild repairs are turned on for everybody, the actual items in the bank itself have restricted access. We only keep materials in there that are relevant to the expansion we're in. Presently, that is Mists of Pandaria.

If you have items and materials from a previous expansion, we appreciate the desire to put them in, but please keep them to yourself. If Astaelyn and I want to go out and make bags or something, we'll get to it on our own time - don't worry about it.

Similarly, we'll be willing to help someone level their crafting skills if we have the materials for it. Otherwise, we'll be selling them to put money into the guild bank proper, to cover those repairs and hopefully increase the amount of space we have in the near future.

If you have a problem for any reason, go to either an officer, Astaelyn or I so it can get resolved. Don't let things sit. Get it settled, solved, and moved forward from.

Obviously we'll be holding events in which stuff is done and stories are advanced through. These may be large, or small, or anything inbetween. Sometimes they'll involve action, othertimes they'll be cerebral things. Sometimes it might be a game of Imp Ball.

Events will be marked on the In-Game calendar. Please check it regularly - if something comes up, you should have a bright yellow "?" flashing over it. For big events, everyone's availability will be considered before we set a date for anything.

If you're creating an event for the guild, give us a heads-up ahead of time in regard to what it's about, where and when, and we'll set you up if you're unable to make one. If you sign up to attend an event, attend! If you can't make it because something's come up, let us or an officer know.

We enjoy RP but there's more to the game than that. As a matter of fact, Leviathan's core is pretty stoked about lighting people on fire, or lighting monsters on fire. Or monstrous people. Either way, we like both of these aspects of the game.

In the future, if we want to establish anything resembling a Rated Battleground team or a Raid group, we'll make an announcement well in advance of the actual start of these events. Raid Finder is a wonderful tool though if you're just starting out, and there's usually someone around to help with Arenas.

In either event, if you want to form up a party for heroics or battlegrounds, knock yourself out. There's no official policy for that, but please keep these activities away from ongoing or scheduled guild events.
Rules and Regulations Part 2:

IC Rules

Something of a less strict rule, but it still applies. Your character should be mindful of who they're addressing relative to their own rank. Sanathas signs their pay checks, but up until that point you can breeze along with that loose-cannon-on-the-edge mentality; just accept that there may be consequences for such behavior from your higher ups. Potentially violent ones.

Keep Your Own Close
Likely by the odd chance of fate, Leviathan Acquisitions has become a family organization for the most part. The Ravaltas and their extended relations tend to the upper echelons of its inner workings, but that doesn't mean that the care for their work and those joining them in it stops at bloodlines.

Contractors taken into the organization are expected to keep this mentality close to heart, just as their superiors do. Work is important, but so are the people doing it.

Rise to Aid
Comprised almost entirely of Hordesfolk save for a scant handful of external contacts, the organization is mindful of the fact that, in these trying times, a faction is not necessarily its leaders - more importantly, it is the sum of its people working together. A greater spirit lives between the otherwise disparate people, and in times of need or crisis, they've proven to band together to overcome any obstacle.

As the members of the Leviathan would know and benefit from, so too will their varied experiences benefit the organization as a whole. Going in with reservations or hostilities will only hinder what this group seeks to accomplish. Not only is peace required among these people, but so is cooperation. Play well with others.

Strive for Improvement
Life is a cruel sort of alembic that has the potential to either burn you to ash or to burn away your weaknesses and leave you stronger for the effort. As a result, Leviathan policy is particularly strict against stagnation and do-nothing mentalities. Laurels are meant to be worn, not sat on, and the organization grows stronger when innovations and new discoveries are unearthed.

Failure to do anything of much use, whether that use is in maintaining Leviathan Acquisitions or advancing it, will lead to abrupt and blunt reconsiderations.

Knowledge is Power; Guard It Well.
Oftentimes, Leviathan Acquisitions will end up unearthing something amazing, something wonderful, and something terrible. All avenues are to be exhausted before a find, whether new or ancient, is deemed unfit to exist. In rare instances, the bad outweighs the good, but the good is still useful to the world at large.

In the event such a thing should be found, it is expected of all members to swear to secrecy, 'lest knowledge of such a thing should get out into the world and draw unwanted attention.


Our bottom rung. Lore-wise, the slags are those disposable individuals "recruited" to do the Leviathan's low-brow, dirty work. Whether they're half-sentient Forsaken, Wretched, Lost Ones or the dregs of society. Bad IC conduct will earn someone the slag tag until they make the appropriate reparations. Please don't take this as an OOC slight - it really isn't like that.

From an OOC standpoint, Slag is our alt rank. Unless you want to, or your character has earned themselves this prestigious honor, nobody is expected to actually RP this rank, or at least not for very long. To everyone above the Slag rank, you are meat. Bad meat. On a sidewalk.

Lore-wise and OOC, Contractor is our starting rank for people that are new to the organization. You've gone through the paperwork, gone through the meetings and set yourself to the task of furthering Leviathan Acquisitions and its goals, as well as your goals through it. With luck, you'll survive field expeditions and enjoy a lucrative, fulfilling career.

Field Agent
Field Agents are nothing if not consistent; the lifers, the dependables. Contractors who prove themselves useful, loyal and clever move up to working as Field Agents, who can requisition contractors and slags for their projects. People promoted to working as Field Agents are given their share of priveleges and responsibilities.

Field agents are expected to seek out their projects with the ability to demonstrate qualities in leadership and ambition, as well as a mindfulness for (demi)human resources - agents who freely throw away the lives of their inferiors are costing Leviathan Acquisitions dearly, and those who do so continually and carelessly may find themselves similarly disposable.

Seperate from the organization's monetary interests, Ambassadors come to represent an external group's interests and its involvement with Leviathan Acquisitions. Members of the Earthen Ring, Cenarion Circle or Argent Crusade (just to name a few) may find themselves invited to be the face of their respective organizations within our own.

Ambassadors have no outright influence over Field Agents, Contractors and Slags, however it is expected of these ranks to aid an ambassador when they can, to maintain ties between our two groups. All the same, an ambassador isn't an arbitrary individual.

Ambassadors must build up a repertoire with the Ravaltas, those working for them, and Leviathan Acquisitions. Similarly, only one group per ambassador will be represented within our organization.

Individuals privy to Leviathan Acquisitions' true intentions. Field Agents who've proven themselves trustworthy above and beyond simple work assignments are brought into the fold of what this group is really up to.

Watchers live up to their tasks through their responsibilities; everyone, and everything, falls under the Watcher's gaze and jurisdiction within the organization. Observations for new leads and new alliances, or new foes, are brought directly to the group's leadership. If a Watcher deems something a threat or an asset, everyone from Ambassadors to Slags are expected to take heed and move accordingly.

As always, new occurrences from within and without fall under a Watcher's observations. Knowing the goals of this organization, Watchers are often free to act on their own accord for the Leviathan's benefit.

Lord and Lady
The Ravaltas. Having shed their ties to the Thalassian State and services to other groups, these two only have the trappings of nobility to shroud themselves in. From their influence, connections and wealth, Leviathan Acquisitions has emerged for knowledge, gold and glory. In the wake of Ayandiel's "untimely" death, however, Sanathas has brought in a Argent Cleric, Astaelyn Del'thedra to help with operations.
All that said, you can find more information on Leviathan Acquisitions on our forums. Our forums are also the place to apply.

The link is leviathanacquisitions.enjin.com

If you have any questions regarding Leviathan or if you just want to come hang out and RP with us, send a tell to Sanathas, Astaelyn or Zaryn. We're all happy to answer whatever questions you may have.
Posted throughout places where the hanger of such articles apparently damned well pleased, and in others more judiciously chosen abroad, interested parties would find the ornamental documents in place of things asking for lost pets, children, pet children, swords, rivals, lovers and the ominously vague "candy sale."

Upon said documents was, oddly, very little for all of the tasteful, if not somewhat eerie visuals put into their make.

We live not in days of calm and contemplation, but in a time of change.

Azeroth and those grand bodies of her firmament go about their unceasing cycles, and yet we upon the world's surface are privy to upheavals akin to the greatest earthquake; storms greater than anything the vengeful sea may drive upon land.

And, as always, there is war; between kingdoms, between faiths and nations, waged for supremacy, resources and survival. Some wars are worth their bloodshed, and others are unfit even for the gnats that buzz about the corpses left for their names upon their fields.

Though the world trembles from the shock of cannons and marching boots, precious things are unearthed in the wake of it. Things that could quiet the shifting land, to send back the tides upon us, and to disperse the hellish torrents raining down from above.

There are foes in the deep places, and in the skies above. Foes at our doorstep, returned from antiquity or bred anew. These are not solely times of war, but as well times of opportunity, and of gain. Would it not suit you, reader, to profit from such?

Would it not suit you, reader, to secure your place in posterity, in history? Wealth for your gain, for your kin? What of valor, and of glory? What of your thirst for knowledge, beyond the tomes of libraries bound not in thread but in politics?

Our way is offered. Do not let your capability become squandered, or worse, fodder for worms on some distant and aimless field. Do not let your time, your talent and even your life be deemed another disposable resource.

Find us upon the Stormspire. Find us within your cities, wherever our colors will fly.

Your contract awaits.

And so it was wrought. Printed, perhaps, in the growing use of presses, in colors of black, blue and red. At the bottom, in the fashion of a great signet, was a stylized, monstrous visage of a four-eyed sea beast, tendrils lashing and maw agape.
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