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Moon Guard
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Here we learn valuable lessons such as...

  • How to love.
  • How to hate.
  • How to keep your working subordinates in line.
  • The proper way to store your recently-possessed voodoo figurine.
  • How to summon Tarzul.
  • How to turn a past civilization's material history into a wolf-skull gazebo for that special someone in your life.

    • We also deal with a few unsavory things here and there. Some Mantid, sure. Mogu, I think every Thursday. I mean, Twilight cultists crop up twice a week or so still and there's always some Scourge or Legion fanboy getting drunk with his friends out in the woods and summoning this, or raising that.
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  • How to summon Tarzul.

  • This takes talent.
    The holding was hard-earned. Few beyond the grummles endeavored to brave the unending gales that whipped snow into a veritable Durotar razorwind, but the hardened Slags and Contractors under Field Agent Duskmourn's command knew what they were getting into when the order came in to clear the targeted Mogu ruin.

    The tomb in which the trolls took shelter from the frigid gusts dead-ended in a shrine, providing one of the few silver linings to the situation. It was a risk to set up a field camp in the middle of enemy territory. Worse still that the Zandalar were still flooding in through reopened catacombs and over the mountains surrounding Zouchin Province.

    The vital nature of what was uncovered validated that risk.

    Wind-torn standards heralding the revival of their ancient alliance were torn away and burned with the stacked bodies, and in their place, Leviathan's colors were hoisted. A week in now and they, too, were beginning to fray. The hands driving these standards into the rock and frost had no intention of easing their grip, though.

    Troubles were at work in the world, that much was a constant. The banners were impaled into the cold earth by people who understood that these ancient problems had solutions equally lost to antiquity.

    Until the field workers arrived, anyway.

    For now, the handful of ragged tents and grizzled mercenaries were to fend off the elements along with the Mogu and Zandalar patrols. Their task was simple; hold at all costs. It was only another day to them, but the secrets hidden within the forgotten passages they were taking shelter in had their unsettling element.

    The Mogu had their old lore of stone and soul. Every statue could be another trap, or worse, another one of the behemoths trembling back to life. Throughout the grim days of watching over the tomb, the mercenaries at the cave's hewn entrance were left to consider something, held as they were between the ferocious summit outside, and the granite sentries lining the halls within.

    Which posed the greater threat, if that vile old magic could keep its spark after so many thousands of years?
    Sanathas bumps our thread with stories and witticisms. I just say, 'bump.'

    Go figure.

    We have been growing with activity with multiple RP events throughout the week, guild runs of heroics, scenarios, battlegrounds. Within the next few weeks we'll be tackling some guild challenge runs. All of this while still being quite active with random RP.

    With proper numbers, you can bet we'll even be heading into some MoP raids and RBG's.

    We're currently recruiting all races and classes. Check us out @ leviathanacquisitions.enjin.com

    And we always welcome questions! Send a tell to Sanathas or Astaelyn with any you may have.
    This guild really enjoys puns, ice cream, and tapirs. That is all.
    We have a half tapir. It's not that we enjoy them. While we do enjoy our half-tapir, it's because he's proven himself a tapir.
    Yes, for all the bloodshed Falfarrin's be-schnozzed people have caused over the centuries, he's proven the exception to the rule. I like to think Duskstrider keeps him in line, and his half-murderous urges in check.

    We have some interesting things underway right now.

    On the mainland we're chasing after a number of forgotten weapons, or pieces thereof, scattered across the globe. Some have ties to the Draenei and their unique crafts, and others go all the way back to the Sundering.

    Elsewhere, the Watchers are keeping an eye on the streets and a finger to the pulse of more than a few seedy underbellies as they keep tabs on a trafficking effort throughout the Horde's cities.

    Meanwhile, we've located a very... peculiar Mogu statue. It's remarkably short, and very little information exists on the nature of its would-be inhabitant, as if he was scoured from history.
    Stormspire Forums are tomorrow night at 8PM server time. The discussion will be focused on the Theories of Magic with focus on the Arcane and the Fel. It's a great time to join us, see what we're about and just have a discussion. These forums are open to the community. If you're interested in round table RP discussions or in the guild, it's a great night to RP.
    The forum on magic last night was lots of fun, here's hoping I can make the one next week on the Titans!
    We have some truly fantastic events coming up and more storylines opening up every week. If you're curious, I know Azuulai is hanging around Orgrimmar lately in between her PvP queues. Hit her up for RP! Also, check out our website leviathanacquisitions.enjin.com

    And never be too shy to send Sanathas or I tell! We're pretty friendly.
    Things were coming to a head. The scattered dots of unrelated matters gained their clarity when the points were connected, and much like the sky above, constellations were easily wrought from timely observation.

    A diminutive statue in Kun-Lai, scarcely taller than a man, lingered in a silence composed of forgotten history and intentional neglect. The Mogu wanted to be done with its likeness; moreso, they feared its face, and left it to rot for eternity in that bygone crypt.

    Now two trolls had their finds as well. A master and an apprentice, Hakkarite scum that they were, found their ends when axes bit into their skulls and left the memories of their rites seeping out onto the ground.

    In their wake was a staff of Zandalar make, meant for the ancient craft of spiritcalling. Along its length were the needed incantations written in Zandali, with intricately carved stories that wound about its body. The depictions detailed Trolls and Mogu, raising the dead to live again in granite shells.

    Point A was strangling Point B, which was viciously punching Point C's teeth in until its fist was a bloody pulp. Point D was sobbing in a corner, waiting for its turn to be dragged into the melee.

    Little did they know that Point D, in this case, was an island. Ships were already hurdling across the seas on their way to its shores. Leviathan's Watchers saw the ripples of it through their work, as if hearing that wailing cry without knowing its source.

    It seemed that there were already contingencies in place; always the Titans had emerged in the backdrop of anything involving the Mogu. The Zandalar relation was one of convenience and old blood; where one saw the henchman, the master was prone to be nearby.

    The whole of this sordid brawl was stumbled upon only recently. It remained to be seen whether they would add to this fray, attempt to stop it, or wait for limbs to go still and end the stragglers.
    I feel this needs to be back on the front page.

    Wednesday we have the Stormspire forums at 8PM server time. The discussion will be on the Titans and the Old Gods.

    Thursday night we'll be out at the Darkmoon Faire. Come see us.
    Bumpin' dis !@#$ on up to dat first page.

    Join us next Wednesday for our weekly Stormspire Forum! We gon' be talkin' 'bout them Azerothian Rebellions and related happenings, at the Stormspire in Netherstorm, 8pm ST.

    AND! The day after on Thursday! For those of you on MG Horde who have been around long enough, may have remembered the Cursebreaker's tattoo shop in Orgrimmar oh-so long ago. Well guess what! That's opening once more in the Valley of Spirits at 8pm ST!

    We will see you there.
    There's a Turnip in our thread...
    Oh yes there is.
    We're all gearing up for the Cursebreaker's. And while Azuu'lai is in Leviathan, Cursebreaker's is not just a Leviathan project.

    After our guild meeting last night, we're also looking into launching quite a few new storylines. Some of Leviathan is taking heavily to the Isle of Thunder while some of us keep our attention at home.
    Hi, I'm Mimo™ and I endorse Leviaithan Acquisitions.
    Hi, I'm Mimo™ and I endorse Leviaithan Acquisitions.

    This guy.

    He's cool.

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