Balance Druid seeking progression raid team

Hello recruiters!

A little about me: I am a veteran who is looking for a new home. I have enjoyed success in all
expansions of the game, minus Ulduar and Firelands (I took personal breaks to
accommodate life changes).

Seeking: (H) 25m or 10m core raiding spot for DPS (Prefer 25m, although I do enjoy 10m for
the "more challenging" aspect of it).

Availability: TWO (2) Nights a week. ANY TWO (2) nights will suffice, unfortunately my lifestyle will
not allow more than TWO (2) nights of serious progression

Times: 6pm-12am Server time (I am available from 9pm to 3am Indiana time, and I believe Hyjal
is on PST).

Performance: While still being completely new to Balance Druid (one month of playing) it is
something I've always wanted to undertake. That being said, that's all the more
reason to "catch up" with the rest of the raiders I'm seeking to join, who I'm sure
have more experience with their class than I do with my new main. I have done
this and will always continue improving via theorycrafting, research, critique,
practice, and performing all things learned.

Critique: I am always open to new ideas and RARELY take anything personal. Any advice that is
EVER given in a raid environment will always be given or taken to help the raid as a
whole. *This is possibly my best attribute, apart from never accepting anything less
than what I can do with current gear*

The Reason I am Seeking a New Home: I have no discrepancies with past guilds. I am simply on
a server that offers very little in the form of competitive
raiding after transferring here during Cataclysm for a
friend and my guild transferred off after clearing 6/6
MSV in mid October - causing me to take a break until
very recently due to insufficient funds. BUT NOW I CAN!

Now my stinginess will come into play =(

* I am looking for a raid team that is looking for a pure R-DPS spot - even when I am offering a Hybrid class. I have no interest in healing, tanking, or feral DPS.
* Only raid teams who are looking to fill their core roster need to contact me. I have no interest in a backup spot that will eventually turn core (a little bit of elitism, but I have pride in what I do).
* To the raid teams that are interested: I am seeking eventual Heroic Progression. Server firsts would be nice, but I understand with my availability I need to be able to settle with being able to join a team that will at least down the Heroic Content before the next patch hits - resulting in nerfs to past content.

Thank you all for your time! Hope to hear from you soon.

we're looking for a balance druid for a core spot
if you're interested message me in game or add my rid: FBtheGreat#1310

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