WTB H Will/Empress kill

Bleeding Hollow
Hey BH, i'm looking to purchase a H Will/Empress kill for a chance at the trinket/mace before the next patch hits. I have experience/kills on both fights.

Character i will be bringing is this Priest. Spec:Disc Ilvl:507

Days not able to make: Monday-Thursday 8-12Server.

Pst me in-game or post here if you are interested in selling a kill.
Dasaq is bringing his friend Josh for will thanks!
guys don't bother clearing will throughout the week anymore?
02/19/2013 07:57 PMPosted by Aimee
guys don't bother clearing will throughout the week anymore?

They're probably in ToES all week trying to kill it before 5.2.

5.2 is on March 19th, they have plenty of time now.

Have a Heroic Empress Lockout and need a guild to kill her for me this Monday 2/25. Willing to pay 500k if the Mace drops. Time will have to be after 12am est or before 8pm est
Isn't it usually 1 week after the arena season ends?
Patch has been the same day as the season end for the past two years.

Season 8 ended 10/12/10, same date as patch 4.0.1
Season 9 ended 06/28/11, same date as patch 4.2
Season 10 ended 11/29/11, same date as patch 4.3
Season 11 ended 8/28/12, same date as patch 5.0.4
I'll let RM take care of this one. Mini is a good lil' gnome. /pet
Even for 500k i can't find a guild willing to do this !@#$ty boss on 10m>< Guess gold can't buy everything.
We did normals last week and you said 500k only if it drops. If you still want to buy a run this week find me in game.
Teach me how to obtain 500k in the first place. I require tips!
empress drops a mace?
02/26/2013 03:30 PMPosted by Pooglecoborg
empress drops a mace?

Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm
The one I'm using.

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