[H]482 Ele shaman(9/16) LF Raiding Guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi, I'm looking for a raiding guild that will hopefully fit my specific needs for 5.2 and hopefully onwards.

What i'm looking for -

Suitable raid times
The motivation to kill the bosses even after many wipes
Possibly to start heroics (we will see)
Not a small server
Friendly guild members

What I offer -

Competitive dps
Enthusiasm to raid
A overall nice guy for your guild :D
Resto OS

About me -

My names Daniel, and I am on my last year of school so it is pretty laid back and there is nothing serious to do so I am looking for something more to do than just random bgs or heroics.

Past Experience -

I Started in the middle of ICC where I diddn't really do anything, but I decided to change that in cata, before firelands i had cleared all of BWD and some of BOT, during firelands my guilds raid times were too late for me so I only managed to get to 2/7, I took a break during dragon soul and never attempted it. Currently I have 9/16 exp of this tier, this includes elite protectors. I think the current progression is a real understatement of my real ability as the last month my guild has only had one raid night out of about 10 or more, a reason why i'm looking for a new one.

Raiding times -

Monday-Thursday 6-10 pm GMT +13 (Sorry its not converted)
Friday 6pm-2am GMT +13
Saturday - 10 am - 2 am
Sunday 10 am - 10 pm

Battletag - Mchotdawg#6653

Looking for any horde guild with decent progression for 10/25m raiding that will take a under geared elemental shaman to join their ranks
GMT+13 seems to be the New Zealand Day Light Savings Time Zone (NZDT). I will let you research that for yourself.

In any case NZDT = 2 hours ahead of server time. (Raid times 8.00pm - 11.00pm NZDT)

We are an Aus/NZ 10 man raiding team who have reformed on Thaurissan Horde under the <Exhumed> banner, previously from a casual realm. Our progression is only at 6/16HM due to the less talented players in the group that we left behind.

Our Raid times are 6.00pm - 9.00pm Server Time, Monday, Wednesday & Sunday. Alt runs or extra progression runs will be organised at random and are completely optional. As we only raid 9 hours a week we expect people to be at their best and be on-time.

Currently recruiting:
- 1 Tank MS / DPS OS (50/50 Role)
- 1 Mage/Hunter/Warlock
- 1 MS Ranged / OS Healing (Boom/Shaman)
- 1 Healer (Paladin/Monk/Druid)

Send an in-game scroll to Hokay on Thaurissan with your Real ID or Battle.net tag and I will contact you to discuss your suitability for a trial. If you prefer you can leave a message on this post.
Sorry bit too late for me
We are looking for Rdps for our main team Thurs Sun Mon 8pm to 11pm EST

Not sure if times suit though

Link to our thread with more info for you


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