Nether Tempest/ Living Bomb breaking CC

What happened to the glyph that blizz was going to add in 5.1 that removed the AoE portion off of mage bomb spells? with the nerf to frost bomb that was on its way to being a really useful glyph and then blizzard never added it
Yeah, would love to have this.

Running NT, as annoying as it already is, is even more annoying when I can finally cast a poly it doesn't actually matter because of NT's AoE.

Would also just make solo questing etc easier to deal with as well.
Glyph of the Unexploding Bomb

seems ironic...
Glyph of "Cut The Red Wire" :P
Glyph of "Once upon a Time There Were Mages".
Glyph of Rogue/Mage Synergy Restoration

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