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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Ordeal is made up of experienced raiders, Ordeal used to raid in Wrath during Uld,TOGC and ICC and then fell apart in Cata however a few of us have come back and put together the guild with some old members as well as new raiders we have picked up. We usually raid 12 hours a week over 3 days (4hours, 4 hours and 4hours) although occasionally raids will go over if a kill is imminent. Our roster consists of mainly Australians however we have players from all around the world including America, NZ and even Korea. We offer 3 10M groups, 2 serious weekday groups and a weekend group (more laid back however progression is obviously still integral), with the plan to do alt runs in the near future.

Server: Blackrock US
Faction: Horde

Group 1:
Raid Times:
Wed: 1am - 5am ST
Thurs: 1am - 5am ST
Monday - 1am - 5am ST

Mogu'shan Vaults : 6/6N
Mogu'shan Vaults : 6/6H
Heart of Fear: 6/6N
Heart of Fear: 3/6H
Terrace of Endless Springs: 4/4N

Currently Recruiting:

Group 1:
1x Ranged DPS (Spriest/Warlock/Mage)

Exceptional players please apply irrespective of class.

Contact: Aidan#1312 if interested (Our website is currently down)

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