[H] <Division VII> RBG 1500+ EXP & World PVP

Guild Recruitment

Table Of contents
- Guild introduction
- Rated battlegrounds
- Requirements to join
- Goals for this season
- Website Application

Guild introduction
Division VII was created by me Spartaxan and Fiancee Nitetress along with some old members from Disciples of Disorder on Kel'thuzad. Division VII was founded on February 1st 2013, with a vision of creating a solid guild environment for arena, rated battlegrounds and world pvp with an outstanding reputation. We want to build around a core of active, experienced players with a shared interest in pvp. We now have around 250+ active members and more are expected. The guild consists of players with high arena and rated battleground experience, and a lot of our members are already competing towards high ratings this season as well.

Our goals at this moment are simple
- High amount of activity in the world of azeroth
- If possible rank top 10 in RBG's this season
- Become one of the most prestigious PVP guilds in the US.

World pvp requirements
Our new members will be required to participate in the majority of our world pvp efforts and activities. We all share the same common goal and that is the destruction of the alliance.

Rated Battlegrounds
The goal at this moment is to achieve a structured rated battleground group for future push towards RBG "Gladiator" and the title/mounts that follows with it for many of our members as possible. To ensure this we do rated battlegrounds as often as possible Tues, Thurs, Sat 8:30 ST until we decide its bed time.

What do we need?
-Restoration Druid
-Frost Mage
-Warrior FC

- About 250+ active members
- Our roster is full of all types of pvp players from high rated players to new rated players.
- We do rated battlegrounds frequently and have a high active arena player roster
- We have a very active and talented group of officers. These groups of individuals have been playing since beta release of wow and hold an extreme knowledge base of information.

What we want from you
- Be active
- Speak decent English
- 1500+ experience in Rated Battlegrounds
- Teamspeak with a working mic
- Participation in world pvp

Apply today

Noteable Information
We do require all RBG Applicants to apply on our website followed by a teamspeak interview. If you feel this is silly or are to lazy to fill out an application then this guild is not for you. Any world pvp players who are interested in world pvp do not have to fill out an application but they must be registered on our website before an invite is sent.
Battletag# Nevershock#1105
Website: www.d7-kil.com
Currently not in game but I will be in game at 11:45PM Eastern
Ill be online in an hour :)
Site has been updated along with a new layout.. Livestream options.. Gallery to upload pictures and videos.. and much more
5.2 Recruitment ^^^^

Added some gallery images to show you what the server is like :)
where the elites play
true that
We have had some great transfers within the past two days. I am in awe at how huge the guild is growing. We are still in dire need of more 90s before 5.2 hits. We are accepting all that love to pvp no matter the skill level. DVII feels that by making our members stronger the guild grows stronger in a whole! This may change later down the line as we grow so hit me up!
Currently not in game but I will be in game at 11:45PM Eastern
Have you ever felt like busting out of your work doors and yelling freedom.. I am at that point atm blah!
I am online and ready to talk for those that want to discuss options of rerolling or transfering
Looking for all players :) Add me up!
i am interested i added you via Battle Tag
Awesome I will get with you as soon as I get on.. I am currently not online atm *at work* but i will be on @ 11:30 Est
Need more players! Come have fun and let's shank some ppl :D
Still looking for more
Signing off gn Uploaded some pics of our lich king kill tonight! :D Was nice
the best guild on horde side
true that! Join up for an awesome time

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