Prot pallies in 5.2, a few questions

Hello, I have a few questions about 5.2 gear / changes.

Since we have our change to dodge / parry procing grand crusader, d/p will become more valuable. The last I saw of our tier bonus was that using divine shield grants a holy power for x% of our health lost, would this work like vengeance where it is unmitigated? Or will d/p hurt our tier bonus?

Will our Shield of the Righteous be effected by haste? I thought I saw something about that before, but cannot find it. Using Holy Avenger can become a huge chore, having to watch the GCD of my HoPo generating attacks and the 1.5s CD of SotR.

This is less about 5.2, more about me not paying attention closely, but is our GCD itself lowered by Sanctified Blade? Or do spells like Holy Prism and Sacred Shield cause a 1.5s GCD while my other spells are significantly quicker. I use watcher (a rotation add on for bads) and sometimes it shows that all of my spells seem to be on a different GCD.

There was something else, I will edit later if I can remember it.

Thanks a lot,
2. Yes, ShoR's cooldown will be affected by haste.

3. Sanctity of Battle reduces the GCD of our melee and ranged attacks, but the GCD of all spells is innately reduced by haste for every class. The only exception is spells that are explicitly not affected by haste--for us, this means Light's Hammer and Execution Sentence. For some reason, those two spells have a 1.5 second GCD always. Every other ability we have has its GCD reduced by haste.

However, the discrepancy you notice may be caused by the spell haste raid buff. The raid buff adds 5% spell haste, which means that the GCD of spells will be lowered slightly more than that of our melee attacks.
Cool, glad about number 2 and a little disappointed in the inability to fix number 3. Does anyone have answers as to dodge / parry reducing the effectiveness of our tier bonus?
"Damage taken" while Divine Protection is active does include absorbed damage, but does not count mitigated or avoided damage.

However, I wouldn't let it change much. The tier bonus will be extremely attractive regardless of how you gear or use your cooldowns.
I don't think I would be stacking d/p anyways, pretty sure I will still prefer haste for control. But thanks for the answers all.

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