2013 IMac OK for WoW?

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Hi all,

I am playing WoW (with all expansions) on my midrange 21" 2011 iMac and, to be honest, it struggles to play smoothly at the ultra settings and even has problems at high in crowded areas like cities.

I am thinking of getting a new top-end 27" iMac with all the bells and whistles (32 ram, 3.4 i7, GTX680 and the SSD HD) and wanted to know if this will be fine to play WoW without stutter at any stage in the game at ultra settings.

Anyone with one can give first hand experience.
I guess no news is good news!
they play alright but you may be disappointed if you expect 60fps on ultra in LFR or something on it. 680MX is decent but it's still a mobile GPU after all. ivy bridge is only a minor bump over sandy bridge from 2011. You may want to wait for the next major intel bump (haswell) which is do sometime this year.

I am set to sync frame rates and I stay at 60fps everywhere except in the valley of the four winds when flying from halfhill to the shrine it drops to 30 for some reason. I run at 2560x1440 Ultra on the 27" i7 680mx with 8GB ram 1TB fusion, I just bumped it to 24GB. I have even thrown both diablo and wow at it and it seems to run both without issue at the same time. I often forget now to turn off virtual machines I have running the background because they don't seem to impact performance. I had a 24" before this and I knew immediately if I forgot to shutdown a VM.
Panda, you done any raiding on it? particularly 25 man raiding? how are FPS during raid combat in a very large setting, especially on bosses with large numbers of adds or things up on screen at once? I guess in LFR that doesn't really happen much. maybe on empress but not nearly as much as normal or heroic mode might on say unsok. But worst fps you probably saw in a raid?

They aren't bad machines by far, My suggestion above is merely about 2013 being a bigger refresh deal than 2012 was. a 2011 machine is not that much weaker than a 2012. BTO with a higher GPU it's a bit better true, but cpu wise it's like 8% at best. It was a die shrink cycle. Haswell out later this year. I'm dying to see some 2013 macs as it's the new gen intel cycle this year :) My buyers recommendation is definitely to wait until this summer if your current rig is playable enough to get there.
Thanks everyone!

Omegas, thought iMacs are on a 2 year cycle in terms of new hardware. So new intel architecture won't be out until 2014. Though they maybe announced later this year.

I am actually a PC user normally but I really like the silent all-in-one, little space utilization of he iMacs so figured I may try a top end rig and see how it goes. Happy to forgo some bling for that.
been pretty yearly

I've been debating about playing the same waiting game for the new Haswell or not. I think ultimately, if you're in the market for an iMac right now, go ahead and buy one. Not to be a total downer, but if performance is the biggest issue under the sun, an iMac probably isn't what you're really wanting anyway.

If the only time you'll ever see any bogging is in the most graphically intense 25 man raids on Ultra, that's not too shabby!
I stand corrected. Thanks for the info.
Hi all,

Just updating this. I got an IMAC this week 27” with all the bells and whistles and with everything set to MAXIUMUM SETTINGS the iMAC didn’t miss a beat. It didn’t even get hot unlike my 2011 model. I do have framerates locked at 50 max that’s the only concession I made.

This was just everyday questing. No raids or dungeons so YMMV.

Thanks for the feedback, quite happy with the new PC.

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