Cross Realm PvP Event!

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Sons, and Daughters of the Horde!
Hear me!
The alliance view us as weak, crippled dogs!
It is time we showed them who was top dog.
Join us in the Siege of Stormwind!
[Raid will begin Saturday 23rd of Feb 6pm EST, or 7 EDT. All members of the horde! The Warchief wants you in the assault. Calling all PvPers ad PvErs. Message or in-game Mail Frozenzombie-Dreadmaul or Verux-Barthilas for invites, to join in on this cross server world PvP event!]
(Also looking for Leaders to represent certain servers and hand out invites Battletag is Verux#1498)
We will welcome you with open arms. Armed with every imaginable weapon and magic fit for use by the superior races.

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