[H]<Guild In Progress> 10m 4/12N ToT

<Guild in Progress> is a casual horde 10man raiding guild on the Saurfang server. We're a bunch of friendly people who love to mess around and have fun while progressing.

MSV – 6/6N
HoF – 6/6N
ToES – 4/4N
ToT – 4/12N

What we're looking for
We're looking for raiders that like to raid not just for the gear, but for the fun and the challenge. Although we're a laid back guild we do expect our raiders to be online and ready before raid time and with any pots/flasks they need.


Team 1 - CLOSED

Team 2 – OPEN

Monk – Mistweaver
Paladin – Holy
Shaman – Restoration

A holy priest may also be considered.

How do I apply?
If we sound like the guild for you you can send in a quick application at our website
Heading into Heart of Fear tonight! Still looking for some ranged DPS or even a tank.
First boss in Heart of fear down, second boss down to 10%. Next raid this Thursday!
Quick MSV clear tonight then a few possible HoF progression attempts before 11:30pm.

Recruiting all classes and specs!
We now have a new website up and running. Check it out at: http://guildinprogress.enjin.com/
Blade Lord Ta'yak down! 8/16 normal modes.
Garalon down! 9/16N
Wind Lord and Amber-Shaper down! 11/16N 10man woo
Cleared HoF 12/16N. Heading to our first ToES attempts on Sunday! (Looking for a mage for core spot)
3/4 ToES makes for 15/16 T14! We'll be into ToT very soon!

Need a mage or balance druid to finish off our core team.
Recruiting for second team!

Main team is 1/12N ToT
Main team is now 3/12 normal mode ToT.

Still recruiting for our second team, 5/6 MSV with their second raid scheduled for tonight!
Want to be part of a fresh ToT team? Apply now at: guildinprogress.enjin.com
Tortos down tonight! 4/12ToT

Need tanks and healers for our second ToT team!
Still looking for 2 tanks and a healer with a DPS off-spec! Apply today!
Just curious, what's the raid schedule for Team 1 and Team 2?

I tried snooping around the site and couldn't find times or days.

Team 1
Thursday - 8:30pm-11:30pm
Sunday - 8:30pm-11:30pm

Team 2 (subject to change)
Wednesday - 8:30pm-11:30pm
Monday - 8:30pm-11:30pm

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