Starting 3s

So as the title says im wanting to start running 3s with my buddies. We have a geared frost mage/Bm hunter/ disc priest(whom we are working on gearing since he usually pve's). Is this something that will work or would i be better off with a different comp
Yea, i was hoping to get more physical dps with me (rogue,kitty,warr) but no luck as of yet. Is this a handicap we can work through or a deal breaker?
if you can't do better try it out, if you enjoy running it then it is a success.
You have a frost mage: let me be the first to congratulate you on achieving Gladiator! You're among the top 0.5% of all arena players to achieve that title. By sheer coincidence, it's a title also held by 65% of all mages - be glad you know one who will carry you! :)

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