Looking to Recruit for RaF

I'm an experienced World of Warcraft player. Been playing since 2006 and I've leveled several characters to 80+. This is for Sargeras Alliance only. I will pay for things like bags, some gear via the AH for gear upgrades, mounts and mount training (150% flying only). I'll also pay for the cloak, helm and pants once we get to honored reputation, one set per character we level up. I will not buy the WoW upgrades but now is the best time to do this as WoW is currently only 35 dollars :) Let me know if you're interested.
I want to level a shaman and a mage and that's all I need. :)
i'm interested, can you give me your battletag so we can discuss?
Bump. Might still be looking, hit me up.
Bump - read edit. Looking for again another partner.
I'm wondering how this works exactly, if I may ask.
What do you mean? :)
I just mean what does it entail? I am leveling a character on my account or am I buying another account? I've just not looked into the whole RaF process, even more so doing it in this manner. :3
Think I got someone now.
Ill do a RaF with you misspriss , if your current RaF partner falls through .

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