Price check on 1-600 Jewelcrafting Kit

How much would one charge for this?

Also a blacksmithing kit?

Thanks :)
Jc is about 12-13K for the stuff on the ah
BS is about 20K for everything on ah but you should just wait for the bs it is going to redone in 5.2 making lvling it a lot easier ready the patch notes on its and start buying a lot of ghost iron
If your looking to buy a kit its going to cost you 2-5k more than if you took the time to buy the stuff off the ah but itwill save you sometime.
I bought a 1-525 JC kit for 7k.
Alright, and yeah I forgot about the BS changes.

Thanks guys!
U can contact me via in game mail on Izzybella, I sold a kit to Aiyanna and I guarantee my kits. :) Hope I can help u out !

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