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Hey guys! I'm returning from a short hiatus from the game and I plan on rerolling as a Warlock. However, for almost all of my WoW career I have played a melee based class whether it be Warrior or Death Knight. My question for you guys is how should I be setting myself up for pvp?

1) Keybind A and D to strafe or do you want the keyboard turn?
2) How do I perform spell jukes successfully?
3) Are all of the lock CCs on the same DR?
4) And finally, which spec should I be running or are they all viable for Arena/RBGs?

Thanks in advance.
1. Strafe with A and D or Q and E. (You can use whatever you want really) Use your mouse to turn, never keyboard turn.
2. Begin casting a spell and cancel it mid cast. The percentage that you cancel the spell is based off of when you think the enemy will interrupt you.
3. There is fear DR (fear/howl), Horror DR (Coil and 5.2 blood horror), Stun DR (Shadow Fury/axe toss) and silence DR (Spell lock). There's also disarm from the voidwalker and seduction (fear DR) but those don't really matter.
4. Destro is by far the best spec for RBGs (Don't listen to people that say otherwise). Desrto is mediocre in 3s (Kind of works in MLS), Demo is pretty !@#$ but can work as MLS or WLS and UA is pretty much the strongest spec although, it is really squishy. (WLS is the best UA comp)
Okay, thanks a lot. Kind of what I figured I needed to do. As far as affliction goes in 3's, my basic job is to keep UA rolling for the dispel protection and for the CC effects correct?
You want to have full dots on as many people as you can and try to avoid letting 10 stack agony from falling. Try to cover all your fears with a UA.
By staying with the death knight. They have warlock dots with better survivability, and better burst.
by far i say demo
demo takes a while to build fury, but once you get enough and pop all your cd's you will destroy ANYONE. I play destro in pvp most of the time because I find I do damage more quickly and don't have to wait for fury to build which builds much slower than burning embers. Also as demo if you get locked out of shadow you only have two choices, spam felflame or cast really really slow soul fires providing you have no molten core stacks.

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