Emerald Dream

Emerald Dream
I don't expext a whole lot of people to care. This is just for those of my friends who were offline and I could not let them know what's up.

I'm leaving.

No, not for good. No, i'm not deleting my characters. I have given away some cool items and about 85,000 gold as my last good dead. If you missed out, i'm sorry.

Reason? Meh, got High School graduation comming in about 60 days and I also have prom to plan for in the next 60 days. Not to mention getting a job after school. Also, more time towards the girlfriend.

I'm sure i'll find myself on during 5.2 here and there and maybe here and there now to say hi to friends. But, I won't be playing really.

Anyways, it was a pleasure to play with and against you all. Have fun out there.

-Love&Respect to Emerald Dream Community [Even to the people who 'hate' me and vice versa.]
Dear Livejournal,
02/14/2013 03:23 PMPosted by Fulbright
Dear Livejournal,

Took the words right out of my keyboard.
02/14/2013 03:07 PMPosted by Roxamus
((Have fun with your adventures. We'll still be here when you get back. :))
cy@ nerd
You get a job after high school o.O? what happened to university and masters and doctorate :S
Good luck Rox. Jumping into the workforce right out of HS can be challenging so I hope it works out for you. Take care and hope to see you around eventually.
Yea, my fathers boss is giving me a job until I get into school again. Doing construction and making 11 dollars an hour, i'm not gonna say no. x.x

Thanks Xanathal.
Good luck Rox :)
Congrats on graduation! And good luck with the prom and job hunting and all! Ohgod, I think I vaguely remember going to a prom once -- it was fun! :D Anyway, all best on your journey!
Good Luck Rox. If you're planning on going to college you may want to look into doing military for a couple of years to get it paid for (assuming you don't already have a plan for that)
Me too /highfive
11.00 an hour?

BLEH. Considering minimum wage in NY is going up to 9? No thanks. Go to college or join the military then go to college.
02/15/2013 07:57 AMPosted by Rettribution
Go to college or join the military then go to college.

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