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Hi there,

We are looking for Adult Players that are casual and not so casual for Progression Raids. We are looking for a minimum of 4 new raiders. We welcome any players, whether you are college students. former or active duty service members (Semper Fi), stay at home parents or working stiffs... even disabled players (whistles nonchalantly). Any walk of life. We are looking for Social Players and Outcasts... Feel Lost? Need to be Found? Come join us at Lost and Found .... It's not just a name, it's a statement.

Class_____ Recruiting Spec____Currently on Raid Team
Druid:__________Any__________Guardian Tank
Death Knight:____Any__________Frost
Hunter:_________Any__________BM-MM & BM-SV
Monk:__________Any______ ____None
Priest:__________Any___________Holy & *Discipline

So what we looking for is Casual Players to either Fill in for Raids or even be available for Alternate Raids. Currently we are looking for one or two players for our main raid team but some of us would also like to get a second team going in which case All Class & Specs are currently OPEN. We are a level 25 Guild that has a good track record in progression until Mop came out... simply put MoP came out during the holidays and players had family stuff going on and once the dust settled and the holidays stopped we had a number of regular raiders that had job changes, new college courses and real life matters that have made them unable to raid on our current raid days and times which are:

Tuesday Nights: 9pm Server (which is 6pm Pacific Time for me)
Wednesday Nights: 9pm Server (which is 6pm Pacific Time for me)

Here is a Link to our Past Progression Webpage (you'll have to copy and paste it yourself)

* Not in Guild

Honestly with our Tuesday & Wednesday Night Raid Group we are over the limit of Melee Roles, we need Two (2) Ranged DPS & an Extra Ranged Heals. Full up on Hunters.
are you currently still recruiting?

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