Holy PvP Advice

I've recently started healing on my paladin alt and I've got some questions for 2k+ holy paladins. Specifically;

  • How do you target party members? Binds for each or are your heals mouseover?
  • How often do you use Holy Light? I feel like anytime someone actually needs heals Holy Light barely touches the health bar. (!@#$ty gear might be the issue.)
  • What stats are most people prioritizing?
  • Any special addons you use that you would recommend? Pretty much just have interrupt bar, gladius and omniCC right now.
  • Not to say opinions from lower rated holy paladins are appreciated, I just wanted to know what players better than myself are doing differently.
    I haven't played a pally in over a year so im not going to give you any tips other than you should probably post this question at arenajunkies but you will probably get a more trolls than answers but the answers will be there, your chances of someone actually giving you advice is quite low compared to arenajunkies or mmochampion, gl though. run ons ftw
    For the record, my PvP rating is nonexistent, but . . .

    I think a lot of healers use addons that allow for mouse-over heals. And I'm sure some have macrod abilities/heals that will instantly target a specific player or enemy, even some that will automatically try and target anything within range.

    Personally I don't like mouse-over healing. But I use a mix of it. I was a clicker for too long, so I needed to actually click someone's raid frame and then heal. I use Clique, which actually does allow mouse-over healing. But, say, for Holy Shock, I don't mouse-bind it, so I select my target and then press "2". For Divine Light, I can mouse-over my friendly and then press my mouse-bound button. It basically allows for either.
    And I don't have to worry about accidentally Holy Shocking the wrong target. Whereas if I'm casting Divine Light on the wrong target, I can easily interrupt my own cast.
    Actually, the main reason I use Clique is because I didn't like Vuhdo. Too comfortable with default Raid frames.

    Intellect and Spirit are priority stats, and you should typically reforge into Mastery. Haste isn't very useful, since in competitive PvP every cast-time spell you try and cast is going to be interrupted and locked out from Holy.
    So, in my opinion, Crit is better than Haste, although both shouldn't be gemmed or reforged.

    And if you find yourself with like 10k Spirit and you're never going below 75% mana or something, you could give up some for Mastery.

    Youtube's a great source for stuff. This guy has good vids http://www.youtube.com/user/GamingWithIndy/videos?view=0

    But remember a lot of it's preference, and what helps you most. And that my advice should be taken with a grain of salt, as I have no first-hand experience in higher PvP.

    Oh, and like I said, cast-time heals shouldn't be used much in scenarios where you'll likely be shut down.

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