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Recently, a friend of mine sent me a Scroll of Resurection. I used it and I started that trial. However, I wanted to play the Monk class and that option was not available on the Scroll. The scroll gives seven days free, but I decided before the Scroll time was up that I'd go ahead and start the 10 day Pandaria free trial. Today is the day my Scroll of Resurection time ended and I can no longer log into the game, but I still have five days left on my Pandaria trial. Is there anyway I can still get this time to play and finish my ten day trail? Thanks!
The seven days you get from the SoR count as game time and the MoP won't extend that. Says so quite clearly in the FAQ:

How do I sign up for the trial?

Log into your Account Management page, select the World of Warcraft license you would like to apply the trial to, and click Free 10-Day Trial on the right-hand side. Your trial period will begin immediately.
You do not need an active subscription to use the Mists of Pandaria trial. However, if you already have an active subscription when you sign up for the trial, your subscription will not be extended.

Now you are quite welcome to submit a ticket via the Support Website and see what accommodations can be made for you, but you will want to be hasty about it.
Great... Guess that's what I get for not reading the Frequently Asked Questions... I'll put in a ticket then. It's worth a shot. The worst that could happen is then telling me, "No." Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.
hey i am a trial but not by choose i cant get on my acct i orderd mists of pandaria i paid for it but i am still a freaking trial wats going on
u see the pic kimarle lvl 77 well wats going on with my game u can email me r watever i just want to play
02/14/2013 09:08 PMPosted by Kimarle
u see the pic kimarle lvl 77 well wats going on with my game u can email me r watever i just want to play

It's usually best to start your own thread, Kim - but I am going to make a presumption you are talking about your #2 account. Digital upgrades take about 72 hours for all features to unlock. Leveling caps are instantly removed - but you may still get some messages about upgrading, and many social features won't be available until after that period is complete.

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