Easy/Fast Achievement?

Alright I had a quick question for you all. What are some quick points I could obtain that are worth quite a bit? I'm not to good with all of this, and decided I wanted to embark on getting past the 15k+ mark :P
15k is quite the feat. It takes a lot of time, effort, and sometimes frustration when your BG teams aren't up to par.

Under General you have quite a few easy points that take minimal effort: "to all the squirrels" and the eat-these-things. Most of them are 10 points, but that's 10 points closer to your goal.

You can earn over 1000 points by finishing up your "Quest" achievements. These are fairly easy but not really fast. Loremaster is a huge time sink but it will net a fair chunk of gold as well.

There's over 1000 points you can pick up in the PvP tab (even excluding RBGs and Arenas). It's going to take time; you have to win 89 more Eye of the Storm battles and 90+ of all the others. However by the time you complete that you should have the rest of the achievements completed.

You appear to have most of the easy and easily soloable cheevos from raids. Grab a buddy or 2 and work on the Wrath section some more; there is nearly 1500 points there alone. The Cataclysm section can be easily done in groups smaller than 5 and will net you about 300 more points.

There's over 250 points tied up in cooking (excluding "Master of" cheevos), 300 in fishing (some of those can be an RNG nightmare), and over 150 fairly easy points in archaeology.

There are about 400 points you can easily pick up in Reputation but they will take time. Scale of the Sands should take about 5 more clears of Mount Hyjal raid, Brood of Nozdormu will take about 11 more clears of AQ 40 if you don't farm some rep outside of the raid. Scenarios also hold about 200 points for you as well.

World Events hold almost another 1000 points but these take time. You know, since we have to wait for the holiday to show up and then perform all their silly little tasks. Pet Battles house almost 750 points but some of the cheevos in the upper echelons take a significant amount of time (such as winning 5000 pet battles).

Think all of this sounds tough and it's not for you? With the points outlined above and your 9.15k points we can achieve a new total of about 15150 -- a few points above your 15k goal. Anything you decide to skip (for example, if you don't like to PvP) is points you'll have to make up else where. You'll have to dig deep and scrape the bottom of the barrel to snag some more points. Good luck! Lok'tar!
Thank you so much Inissa for taking the time to respond to this, I appreciate it. Definitely going to start up with the loremaster I believe, and more of the dungeon/raids, then go from there.

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