I give up...need help...hate asking...bleh

Okay, I'm not exactly the kind of player who asks for help. However, I've gotten to a point that there's no way in hell I can figure out how to play my hunter like others do. So, if anyone can give me a hand, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm surv hunter, as my character screen notes. Priority on HM->SS->BA->ES->AS->CS. Currently indecisive on 90 talents, barrage is fun, powershot is OP for burst damage(~100k "dps" from a single shot on a 5 enemy group), and I've not really seen the use of glaive.

Please check my character page, and my rotation, not sure if anyone can be of much help, but anything you can do would be wildly appreciated.

Thank you

EDIT: suppose I should probably note, using a very simple "rotation", usually hold ~42k single target.
You're extreamly low geared. 6 unenchanted items pulling 42k with what you have on seems about spot on. Our DPS scales drastically with gear. Want better numbers get better gear. I think you're pretty much on the mark with what you're working with.
02/15/2013 05:25 AMPosted by Shamrunt
Our DPS scales drastically with gear

Agree. Make sure that you are expertise capped (7.5%). Use LFR and Sha of Anger to your advantage and gain gear. Make sure you go into LFR with some Elder Charm of Good Fortune for the extra loot rolls. Grind rep with Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, and Operation Shieldwall. They give really good gear for hunters. Also the Darkmoon Faire gives a good trinket if you can collect the tiger deck (expensive, but if you pick up a card here, or there you may find the expense worth it.)
Hope this helps a bit!

Good Luck!!
I'm going to echo what the two guys above me said. Given your low gear, the best thing to do would be to properly enchant all of it. Run heroics for 463 gear and possibly a 476 bow from Gate Of The Setting Sun. Then run LFR once you get to ilvl 460. Also, your first Sha of Anger kill will give you some 476 boots that you don't have to grind anything for. You can also possibly win the 496 normal mode tier gloves and pants.

Side note: I'm sure Neofie meant Dominance Offensive instead of Operation Shieldwall.
Also a note... your last three talents are incorrect for Survival. Current best are Dire Beast for tier 4, AMoC for tier 5, and Glaive Toss for tier 6.

And, please please please don't use the argument "Power Shot hits for 100k+ and Glaive Toss doesn't, so it's low DPS!" like other, more think headed hunters I've met. You need to keep in mind that Glaive Toss has 1/4th the CD of Power Shot, AND it hits twice per throw. At current, my Power Shot just hit for 113,271, non-crit. Sounds nice, right? Well Glaive Toss just hit for 50,762 damage. So each hit was for 25,381 damage. Now lets compare those numbers.

Power Shot = 113,271 Damage on a 1 minute CD (~1,887.85 DPS(not counting the 3 sec. Cast))

Glaive Toss = 50,762 Damage on a 15 second CD (~3,384.13333 DPS(Instant Cast))

But, on the note of Dire Beast and AMoC, Dire Beast is just best for every spec due to it being a focus generating, damaging ability that is quite close to the pets auto attack damage. And AMoC is better, despite it's HIGH focus cost, because Blink Strike gobbles far to many GCD's for our already cramped rotation and Lynx Rush is no where near as good for SV, especially after the nerf.

Icy Veins is an amazing resource for more "Advanced" information, and Noxxic is good if you just want the minimal amount of information quickly.

Take care!
Side note: I'm sure Neofie meant Dominance Offensive instead of Operation Shieldwall.

That was my mistake, thank you for keeping me honest! Operation Shieldwall is the Alliance side of the quest line.

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