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You wish you had known when you first started playing a certain game?

For me, I got a TON of things I know about FFT now that I wish I had known then. Like:

- The goal of the game wasn't just for Ramza to reach the Knight job and stay there FOR THE ENTIRE GAME. This, in some part, leads to:

- Multiple save files are my friend, and should be employed regularly. Otherwise, you end up like me getting roadblocked by Velius because I decided to just be a Knight and not work on any other jobs. As such, I literally had to start the game over from scratch just to get strong enough for round two.

- It's a good idea to not get stuck in one job because increasing job levels all across the board increases JP gained for ALL jobs. Switch it up, and don't focus on one job at a time, like I did.

- It's a good idea to have backup units waiting in the wings for when you send your main guys or what have you off for missions from the Tavern. Otherwise, you end up like me, getting my butt handed to me during random battles because I was too dependent on the main force.

And last, but not least...

- Chocobos are cute, cuddly, and above all else, DEPLORABLY EVIL IN THIS GAME. Do not take them lightly, like I did, least you desire your face smashed in by beaks, balls, or meteors.
I wish I knew how mediocre Skyward Sword was so I didn't get it.

Hopefully Aonuma will redeem the franchise with the Wii U one.
Wish I knew to turn off auto save to Need for Speed Most Wanted. The damn game had auto save points littered everywhere throughout the game and I would accidentally turn off the PS2 the very second it decided to auto save. Would corrupt my data 9 times out of 10 and I had to start all over.
That entering >>><^^^ was basically an instawin for Legend of Legaia since Noa's Tempest Break hit like a 747.

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