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I produce several types of EDM, such as DNB, Dubstep, House, Moombahton, Trap and more, I have it up on Soundcloud if you want to check it out:
I have a few songs up for free download, and will hopefully finish some more tracks and put up more download links soon, enjoy.
Note: Many of these songs are as of yet unfinished, so they still need a little work for me to be completely satisfied with them, I plan on finished them soon however.
Cool, I will check out your stuff. Thanks for sharing =)

Edit: You've got one on there called Moombah Trap early demo, that groove at like 1:25 is great. Also Decimate and Axiom are good, but I'm partial to Electro anyway so I'm pretty much digging Axiom. That's a good tune! Have to say I also like Transcend, the intro anyway, you have a bit of a drumstep thing going early in the song (and again at the end) that sounds great.
they all sound good xd but the one you call Moombah Trap Early Demo the beat at like 1.27 to 2.37 is kick A__ would love for you to put a 3 to 5min beat of just that for me xd i would use it to pvp with lol.

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