Death Knight
I have been 2h frost since the beginning of mop; I recently got both axes of Elagon. I researched both specs and my question is, is blood tap necessary for DW. I was looking at a couple other dks and some used it others had the other 2 talent selection selected so was just wondering.

Any help would be appreciated.
Blood Tap sims well. But Runic Empowerment works extremely well for DW Frost. If you are already comfortable with gaming RE then keep doing it. HB is your main rune cost. Just try to keep up 1 unholy rune if at all possible at it should be fine. Also sims are more a vacuum anyway. RE can feel more fluid at times. But that goes the same for that first talent run. I prefer Unholy Blight for a free way to apply and elongate our Diseases without having to change around my runes. A sim will say to use Plague Leach much like Blood Tap. But fights would require things aligning more unless you're just sitting on charges and so on to even see a gain compared.

TLDR. If you're happy with your RE and Unholy Blight? Keep using them. To a point at least with those talents it's so close it doesn't really matter. We just want to avoid Runic Corruption & Roiling Blood as DW Frost because we don't really care about even rune pairs and really there is no reason to BB for us ever cause it costs us an HB.
Thanks so much for the response and the help.
Have a wonderful rest of the day don't work to hard

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