What race should I be?

Ok so I am going to be faction changing my priest this weekend to the alliance. Im trying to decide which race I should be. I do not really want to be a human even though I know the extra spirit would be helpful. So having said that its really between Night elf, Draenei , worgen or dare I even say gnome? Any suggestions? I'm being very indecisive about this.
I have a Draenei Priest. I enjoy the way armor looks on her and the +hit isn't too bad for Shadow.

I played a fem Worgen caster for a bit. At first I enjoyed the cast style but it quickly got old. Deleted her and rerolled that toon as a Human. ;)
If you're ruling out humans then I would have to say draenei. Priests have some of the best looking armor in the game, and it goes to waste on small races like dwarfs and gnomes since it gets all scrunched up (gnomes look really bad in most helms too). On a worgen, armor is completely unrecognizable! And helmets go all out of whack.

Night elves are okay but imo their shoulder armor is absolutely atrocious and that can easily kill your whole look. Plus, ugh, worst casting animations in the game. That leaves draenei - they're cute, they have great casting animations and a unique appearance that you're not likely to get sick of. Plus you can enjoy how your gear looks because they wear it well.
I prefer draenei looks wise; also its nice that their extra hit isn't tied to a weapon choice
Human, I enjoy the racial where you don't need a trinket.
Thanks all! I am going to choose draenei. All your suggestions really helped me finally make my mind up. Thanks again :)
If u pvp, NE or Human....if u pve, i guess whichever race gets the rp nerds to swoon.
Gnomes can't be droods :(

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