Macro for fire and brimstone

Is it workable to simply macro fire and brimstome into immolation, conflag, and incinerate for AOE mobs? It is off the GCD right?
I don't know if it's on the GCD or not, but if it isn't, you could do something like:

#showtooltip [nomod] Immolate; [mod:shift] Incinerate; [mod:alt] Conflagrate
/cast Fire and Brimstone
/cast [nomod] Immolate; [mod:shift] Incinerate; [mod:alt] Conflagrate
Nah, I don't like button modifiers much, but thanks.

It is off the GCD and I tried it, simply having /cast Fire and Brimstone and then /cast Incinerate as one macro works like I wanted it to. :)
Whatever works for you.

Although I'd add #showtooltip Incinerate as the first line so that you don't have a bunch of Fire and Brimstone icons on your bar.

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