Arena/rbgs 5.1/5.2

Was wondering what's really shinning and will shine in mage pvp. I'm currently frost but fire kind of kicks my !@#. Was really wanting to get in to big time pvping just not sure where to start. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.
Watch lots and lots of videos and streams.

Frost is the best and will still be the best come next patch (fire is getting some nice buffs though).

It's really hard to help you unless you say what you're having issues with.
I'm having issues with control and dps. I don't have the best gear but just seems like I'm not putting out and doing what I should be. I'm doin frost bolt>frost bomb> frost circle> ice lace x2>mi>if>pet freeze> il>repeat
there's no set rotation, but personally i like to do old school shatters. to do this, open up with frost bomb, cast two bolts and ice lance, and before the lance hits, pet nova. if you do it right, your frost bomb, frost bolt and ice lance will all hit at the same time and benefit from the 1 shatter. when fully geared, it can be from anywhere from 200k-300k in a global (literally). afterwards you can follow up with a deep, and your target will be dead if they don't trinket.

and always, save your frost nova for frost bomb explosions if you roll frost bomb. our damage is in the crits, so get crafty with it ya dig

p.s control takes practice, the more you learn about what the other classes can do, the easier you can manipulate them and turn the fight to your advantage.
Cool sounds good thanks :)
You want frostbomb to go off in a deep for burst, it's fine to make them go off in novas for pressure but for kills they need to go off in a deep. I don't know what game you're playing where you're able to turret frosbolts into someone.

Also don't forget, deep + orb is amazing burst.

You won't do any significant damage though until you gear up.

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