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Ok so i have had this guy since mid Cataclysm, my friend and i shared an account so he did most of the levelling on this guy and I was levelling this guy in blood and thought I should give Frost a go, but I'm terrible at him. I need a good rotation that I can stick to, a good action bar setup would be helpful (screenshot) I also get annihilated in arena before I can really do anything I need help please!!
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thought I should give Frost a go, but I'm terrible at him.
Sorry, that isn't possible...
oh you should see me then haha

PVP is fairly basic for frost. PVE is even easier.

I will start with PVP. (arenas)

defensively our cooldowns are not great tbh. we have the obvious blood presence and spam death strike for small quick healing. IBF(ice bound fortitude) is a small 20% damage reduction. you can also save your ghoul for blood pact which is a judement call as he can be used for nice damage burst as well. if you take the talent Lichbourne you can heal your self with death coil. lastly there is AMS for magic damage mitigation.

offensively it differs for DW or 2H. for 2h you will want to use KM procs on oblit while both diseases are on your target. DW use KM on frost strike. pilar of frost is good if coupled with trinkets and ghoul (or other on use items). also I would use empower rune wep shortly after using all runes and big low on runic power. hopefully nearing the end of a large burst.

for PVE single target is very faceroll. keep both dots up frost fever will be applied by howling blast which should only be used with rime procs. blood plague needs to be refreshed by using plague strike. these can both be applied by using outbreak every 1 minute. Killing machine should be used on obliterate if using 2h or frost strike if stacking mastery for DW. for more info go to the sites above.

my action bar is different then how yours may be set up.
below is my action bar hotkeys in order for 12 buttons SQ and SE are shift-Q and shift-E
1 2 3 SQ SE R F C X Z Q E

1-howling blast
2-plague strike
SQ-plague leech
SE-death coil
R- horn of winter
F-soul reaper
C-pillar of frost macro*
X-empower rune wep
Q-frost strike

#showtooltip Pillar of Frost
/cast Pillar of Frost
/cast orc racial (I forgot name)
/cast raise ghoul

I also couple synapse spings from engineering with obliterate so it is used as much as possible.

I am sure I have missed a lot but I am tired and hope I have helped.

PS there are typo's. I am lazy and do not care.

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