Warlock Tier 7 Talents - lvl95

Feel free to add suggestions and ideas, just a fun thread talking about possibilites.

So far we have:

Tier 1 - Healing
Tier 2 - CC
Tier 3 - Defensive
Tier 4 - Suicide
Tier 5 - Demons
Tier 6 - Situational Perks

so I think next could be:

Tier 7 - Resource Generation

Fel Empowerment - 30 Sec. CD

Grants one Soul Shard, Burning Ember, 250 Demonic Fury immediately, and after 10 seconds another Soul Shard, Burning Ember, 250 Demonic Fury.

The Dark Arts - Passive

Affliction - Nightfall will proc twice as often.
Demonology - Spells and Abilities of the Master and Demon generate twice as much Fury.
Destro - Ember Generating Spells generate twice as many Embers.

Volatile Magiks - Passive

Abilities that consume resources have a chance to not consume them when used.
I'm going to take a look at these from a Demonology perspective.

Fel Empowerment
An issue that could arise from this would be a sense of almost 'permanent Metamorphosis' which would heavily favor Mastery beyond its current value.

It's safe to assume that the priority would be as simple as keeping up Doom and spamming Touch of Chaos, without forgetting to jump into Caster form to Hand of Gul'dan, use two fillers, and Hand of Gul'dan again. It will also be assumed that we have 4717 Haste Rating, the 5% Haste raid buff, and zero Crits for worse-case situations when it comes to Doom's spawn rate of Wild Imps.

Fel Empowerment - 500 Demonic Fury
Corruption - 17.5 ticks - 70 Demonic Fury
Felguard's Legion Strike - 5 hits - 60 Demonic Fury
Hand of Gul'dan - 13 ticks - 26 Demonic Fury
Shadow Bolt - 3 casts - 75 Demonic Fury
Wild Imps (Unglyphed) - 17 Firebolts - 85 Demonic Fury
That totals 816 Demonic Fury over 30 seconds.

Metamorphosis - 18 seconds - 108 Demonic Fury
Touch of Chaos - 17 hits - 680 Demonic Fury
Doom - 0.5 casts - 30 Demonic Fury
We would spend 818 Demonic Fury over 30 seconds.

I've made loose changes to what would be 'optimal' by having one extra Shadow Bolt, and having some left over time. However, this allows for a bit of latency compensation or time to do things that would be on the global cooldown (such as presumably Fel Empowerment itself).

Just by looking at it, we could see a better case where we'd get an extra Imp from Doom, or being able to use Molten Core Soul Fire over Shadow Bolt. The talent you've proposed would be amazing, but possibly a bit overpowered.
Numbers, CDs, %'s, etc. can all be tweaked. Just wanted to get the basic idea out there of each ability :)
I don't think the next tier should have an effect on our damage. In fact, I don' think the next tier for any class should have an effect on their damage, as it could easily result in more cooldown stacking an absurd amounts of burst than there is in PvP now.

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