489 Priest & 484 Lock considering transfer

Myself and another are considering transferring to Lightbringer, and as such are seeking a raiding team, preferably raiding around 7:30 PST or later, 2 or 3 nights per week. Both of us have over 4 years raiding experience, both in a hardcore progression oriented setting (formerly raiding for the rank 2 guild on our server), as well as in a casual setting. In the current raiding tier we are 11/16 normal (6/6 MSV and 5/6 HoF) due to a late start after taking a hiatus from WoW pre-MoP. We're hoping to find a guild pre 5.2, so as to hit the ground running when it launches.

My priest friend has raided as both DPS or as a healer in the past and is very comfortable doing both, and open to doing either. In the current tier he has been healing as Disc. I have been main-ing a Holy Paladin since the beginning of Cataclysm, but I'd like to switch it up to DPS for 5.2, hence the lock.

Ideally we are looking for a guild pushing heroics in the current content, but would consider all options.
Brimstone is currently 16/16/N 2/16H. We raid Mon-Wed 8pm PST to 11pm PST. If you're interested, let Vraxx, Vraaxx, or Elilia know in game. We would love to chat with you about possible spots.
If you can, please post a link to your world of logs, I would like to take a look at those too.
Hi there, if you'd up for considering a transfer to dragonblight I can offer core dps spots right away. We just converted from 10 to 25 and are still a bit lean on numbers (pulling in friends n family members) so you wouldnt be taking or competing for someones spot. We are a very low drama guild with little tolerance for it.

if you are interested and have further questions send me a whisper to iamhelly#1873

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