Our dot critrates: Snapshot or Dynamic?

I know that boomkin dots have dynamic crit rates, while most other classes take snapshot values for crit on cast or refresh.

I also know that combustion calculates its crit dynamically on each tick. But what about:

- Mage bombs?
- Ignite?
- Pyroblast dot?
I'm pretty sure that all DoTs update dynamically with crit as of now. Other stats (haste, SP, % damage) take snapshots.

Of course, I could be way off.
Yeah, I'm looking for some definitive answers - Boomkins and Combustion critical strike are still done dynamically, while warlocks are all static snapshot types.

I have no clue whether our other dots snapshot crit or calculate them dynamically, and It's really something I'd like to find out before getting the Lei Shen trinket.
Good question. We decided to dig into all of the dots and found they worked pretty inconsistently. (Consistency isn't always critical because it does lead to a certain amount of homogeneity, but too little consistency can just be confusing too.) We made a pass at all of the class dots and made them snapshot crit chance. This will have implications in any simulations out there.

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EDIT: This is for 5.2, but that's looming over us anyway.

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