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Note: Posting from an alt for now.

Hey Guys,

Posting here looking to see if anybody would be interested in co-gm'ing/officering for a guild I'm looking at making.

Looking at the raid times to be around 9PM-1AM ST Mon/Wed/Thurs/Sun.

I have a lot of experience in raiding including a couple of server firsts, which I'll go into more detail with if anyone is interested.

Leave your btags here and ill add you to have a chat!
PS: Server/Faction not decided yet.
I'd be keen if it were anywhere from 7 to 11 GMT+8

I'm from Keepers of Light. We're a guild based in Kilrogg server. We are an active Singaporean semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are currently 16/16 normal, 7/16 heroic on 10m and are looking for more people to join us as we start our 25s.

We raid 3 days x 3 hrs a week at +8 GMT. Raid days are Thurs, Fri, Sat starting from 9pm till 12.

Add me at zamea#1805 on real id and we can have a chat. You could also contact any officers online or you could apply at

@Stalias - Will add you when I get home from work :)
@Zamea - Too late raiding for me, work too early in the morning - and in my experience most guilds that start off 10 never push 25's, so no thanks and good luck!

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