Rebuilding Raid Team. Apparently this is easy

Ok so alot of people think that since there is 4 of us already that it should not be too hard to rebuild so here goes. I'm going to be brutally honest.

We are Imperium, a 10 man guild on alliance Frostmourne. We have had a bad start to this expansion with most of our raid team having real life issues come up (like work and babies) that made them unable to play anymore. Due to this we have fallen behind the curve and have for some time been constantly on the back foot.


We have 4 people that really love raiding and progressing to end game content. So we are going to give it one last shot to rebuild.

We need 2 Tanks 1 Healer and 3 Dps. We could even do with a co raid leader.

If you wish to join us on this rebuilding journey please reply to this add or whisper me or Livs in game. my battletag i.d is tashboo#6896

we are also looking for people to join our guild :)
if you want to merge yours with ours that would be awesome
on best case scenario maybe we can even take 4 of yours since
some people might have to leave soon
we need 2 dedicated healer and good dps mainly :D

let us hear from you contact either of us
here's my thread
unfortunately we r from the east coast of aus and starting at 11st is too late for us.
Ahhh sad to hear that :(
anyway good luck with the guild mate :)

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